We have to beat teams we are obviously more talented than... simple time to put together a run. Raptors should have the mentality that teams look down on them as a day off game/trap game, Raptors gotta jump on them and play their game for Ws.

Yes we still talking playoffs, or at least be really close to let free agents know "Jeez those guys up North are on the rise"

Pelicans have the #1 draft pick and hes playing great partnered with Vasquez so Lowry and Johnson have some work cut out for them tonight, Austin Rivers im going to call a non factor... Ross should eat his food off the bench such an undeveloped talent right now really a project, bad decision maker, bad shooer (which was one of his strengths hes shooting below 30% ouch, 48% FT shooter ouch, awful back up point guard gets 2-3 ast in 20 minutes a game 4 turnovers a game ouch. So glad we didnt pick him up, Pelicans gotta send him to D-League.

Game Notes:

Fields is still out with Back issues may have to go get it looked at. Been persisting for days.
Bargnani has been showing up everyone in practise Maybe we see "Il Mago" fulltime until he is traded

So to quote Shakespeare

"We must take the current when it serves or lose our ventures" Ride he momentum off of that Pacers upset game and get a streak going.

P.S in other news Calderon is doing great in Detroit had a big game the other night amd I believe we are playing them next.