First of all, I'm a big fan of the Gay trade. In him we get a closer, someone who can command the ball, and a potential all-star in his prime.

That being said, it's really getting on my nerves that everyone who argues the trade that he may not be a franchise player and worth a max contract. Looking at the league (and I won't go into hard stats, since anyone can look at basketball reference/82 games) but I would think there are a MAX of 13-15 players that command franchise cornerstone status, and therefore the contract the comes along with it.

With that in mind what are the other 15-20 teams in the league supposed to do? Tank season after season waiting for the savior to arrive, when for every OKC model there are two Sacramento Kings Disaster? Meanwhile losing money by screwing over fans who won't show up and pay money to see a loser.

Overall, I like the Gay trade and am constantly battling those who always bring up the cap situation/contract status.