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Thread: Everything Rudy Gay

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    Quote RaptorReuben wrote: View Post
    Eh, I still see him right there though. I'm a point guard, so, maybe I see handles a different way? :P Just my eye and my opinion.
    his handle is good, but his skill level there is still what you'd call good for a SF. I used to play PG too, so I know what you mean...He's just very sound, and I think it goes with the high bball IQ. He doesn't have the slickest handle, or some crazy crossover/hesitation move or something, but he just is really fundamentally sound....keeps the ball low, can use both hands and go either way, protects the ball fairly well, doesn't "fix" his move, as in don't predetermine your move...this is a big problem with Demar, especially in other seasons. He'd catch the ball to make his move, but you'd always know where he's going, and he wouldn't hold himself back, say by putting the ball down, seeing the D is set, and changing his approach. Gay might catch the ball, put it down, see that he doesn't have anything, and dribble/maneuver a bit to create an opportunity/space....Again, most of these things are reflective of a high bball IQ and strong grasp of fundamentals.

    i still wouldn't put him up there with a SF like LeBron, who's kind of a freak, but I don't see a huge gap between him and Durant there, and see their styles as very similar...Durant is still better...but I mean, he's probably the 2nd best player in the world right now, hands down, so it's ok to not be at that level.
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