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Rudy's fg% should come back up, but I think people are highly, highly overrating his "clutch ability"... nevermind that I think "clutch" is a statistical anomaly anyway based on small sample size and every possession matters equally.

One year (might've been their championship year), the Mavs were winning virtually every close game and everybody was talking up how good they were in the clutch and how focused they were and how money Dirk was and the next season, they were right back to being around .500 in close games.

Relax. It's been seven games into Rudy's career with the Raptors.
I dont know how you can say people are overrating his clutch play. It wasnt like he was traded to the Raptors and started sinking last second shots all of a sudden. He's had multiple game-winners even before he became a Raptor, and precisely the reason why the Raptors acquired him. Saying JL3 should be a starter because he's been saving the Raptors asses in the past few games, now thats overrating.

Isnt that still good? .500 in close games? you win half and lose half? When you say theyre "good" in the clutch, would your definition of good mean winning all those close games? I think thats "overrating" it a little bit dont you think?

And didnt Dirk just hit a couple of crucial baskets a couple of days ago against, i think Houston? And Portland? He's still a clutch guy.