Ever since it's inception, the Raptors have been an 'up n down' team. After a naturally slow start, some shrewd moves by Glen Grunwald in terms of trades, free agency and above all drafting(VC first and later CB), Raps. gained some respect around the league. As we all know Glen was later fired, the promising Babcock hired and before we knew it, was fired too. In came the so called saviour in BC. After living up to his reputation and the hype initially, he too couldn't keep things going. Raps. found themselves in a familiar losing position again.

Until the Gay trade there has been negativity and pessimism surrounding the team. While the acquisition of Gay has turned pessimism into optimism, it does not assure a consistent winner. Gay along with a strong supporting cast of Derozan, Lowry, Jonas, Amir, Ross, Andrea are a bunch of good players. With the addition of a couple of good pieces, this team is seemingly a winner for a long time to come. SEEMINGLY.

Raptor fans are all too familiar with this sort of promise and hope. The best remembered team of course would be the Vince led team that went to the second round of the play-offs and almost made the conference finals. The addition of Hakim O the following year pretty much had us Raptor fans feeling that ours would be the team to come out of the East. What followed was disappointment and a series of events and changes that none of us who followed Vince Carter and his teams success anticipated.

As always I feel optimistic and hopeful about this team that BC is building. As always I see reason for it as well. Will they be a consistent winner? What do you guys think? Are the Raps. finally on the road to consistent success? If so, why?