At the deadline

1) Toronto out: DeRozan, Kleiza, AA
Toronto in: Millsap, Burks

2) Toronto out: Bargs, Fields
Toronto in: Ben Gordon, Diop (expiring), Pistons 1st round pick (Top 15)

Raps Lineups

Jazz Lineups
Mo Will/E.Watsons/Tinsley
Al Jeff/Kanter

Bobcats Lineups

Why Toronto: We get Paul Millsap and should be able to resign him or give him the max in the summer. Millsap is an established PF who plays hard on both offense and defense, this will give Amir the chance to come off the bench and provide scoring for our second unit. We also acquire Burks who's an underrated backup PG, given minutes and the right team, Burks can become a legit scorer, possibly SG of the future for us, his play is similar to Aaron Affalo. Although, we have to part with DeRozan but we have T-Ross who might turn into a great player for us and we managed to shed Kleiza's horrid contract. As for Bargs, he will net us a Ben Gordon, a veteran who could battle with T-Ross for the starting SG but given a playoff push, Gordon will start for us. His salary expires after next year so we could trade him in next year's deadline. We get rid of Fields by taking on an expiring contract in Diop, sounds fair. We also acquire Bobcats' 1st round pick (Pistons' pick Top 10-15 - who we can go for a backup C or SF in next year's draft). Basically, we shed tons of salary in DeRozan, Fields, Kleiza, and Bargs for a huge contract in Gordon (expiring after next year), Diop (expiring), and Millsap (who we will most likely resign after the season). Gay and Millsap will be two formidable players to watch when playoff roams along. We might be able to build our teams like the Grizzlies. Valanciunas will be a better all around player than Gasol. Given time, T-Ross will be better than T.Allen and Lowry is head to head with M.Conley. Our backups aren't that bad either given we have Amir, Gray, Pietrus, and Lucas who can all contribute.

Why Utah: The Jazz are looking shed one of Millsap or Al Jeff, my bet is Millsap since Al Jeff wants to play for the Jazz and this way, D.Favors can start for the franchise again. DeRozan is a great player to play alongside Hayward and Mo-Will, I think he will fit in the Jazz system given the fact he could be their future franchise player. Alan Anderson should be able to backup DeRozan and Foye as their scorer, it doesn't hurt the team to have another scorer. Whereas Kleiza is just an expiring contract after next season.

Why Charlotte: The Bobcats have talked with the Raptors about a possible Bargs-Tyrus Thomas swap but why not just give them Bargs in exchange of Ben Gordon's service. Bargs should immediately start for the pathetic franchise and be their go to guy, Bargs under GM Michael Jordon could turn into someone special but it will take Bobcats another two years to make some buzz in the league. However, I believe the Bobcats will have a bright future given the fact that K.Walker is turning into one of the elite PG in this league, G.Henderson if he stays, could be a good backup SG after they draft S.Muhammad or B.McLemore in the draft or even go big with N.Noel. Gilchirist is a diamond in the making so the Bobcats are bright.