Seriously Playing the high octane run up and down the floor Nuggets team then facing the sharpshooting Knicks the night after? Not easy this is the home game so I like our chances, last time Lowry owned Ty Lawson and got everything he wanted off him so he has to show up tonight. Denver is a good team but they have a lot of knuckleheads and bad ft shooters which worked in our favor last time. When Lucas steps into play tonight which one will we see? against the Pelicans he lit it up 5-5 from distance lets hope he kept that hand in the toaster oven and can deliver something again tonight.

Strategies to expect?

-Give the ball to Rudy Gay
-Hack-a- Mcgee
-lots of Zone

Seriously of the 2 games today and tomorrow, this is the more winnable, even if we do match up pretty well against New York, its good to go 1-1 even better to go 2-0.

Game notes

-Casey is worried the enthusiasm over the dunk contest is making Ross forget his game "We need his shooting and defense on the wings, I fear he has been practising his dunks too much. I understand that it is important for a young guy like him however."

-Bargnani didnt practise at all last yyesterday flu still pretty bad gametime decision tonight