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It's a good thing because if the first shot misses, you get another chance to either tie or win the game. The way they played it last night, if the first shot misses, you probably do not get another chance to get off another quality shot. I think that a good coach is always maximizing his team's odds to win the game by taking statistics into consideration, and I'm not sure that he did this.

And again, I realize that it seems ridiculous to be bringing all this up after a win, but I'm just becoming more curious about Casey's clock management strategies. Specifically, there was a play a few games ago (Clips I think) where he did not go for a 2 for 1 at the end of a quarter where he clearly (in my amateur opinion [imao?]) should have.
Statistically i think he did the right thing. They were outrebounded the whole night, so a putback or offensive rebound wouldve probably been out of the question. Also, Casey probably didnt want the game extended since Amir and Gay already had 5 fouls so the Nuggets wouldve just ran over those two in the extra period and theyre facing a back to back against the 2nd best team in their conference. So he probably thought win or lose, lets make this quick and get out of here.