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Thread: Jack Armstrong getting on my nerves lately

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    Default Jack Armstrong getting on my nerves lately

    I never though I would say this, but Jack has been getting on my nerves lately. I am starting to see quite the opportunist in him.

    One play Andrea takes an open jumper, misses, and Jack goes on about how that was not the right shot for him to take, next play he takes the exact look makes it, and Jack is on his nuts how that is more of his shot. He is starting to remind me of Don Cherry, always re-enforcing his wisdom with hindsight.

    Lately, I have been getting really annoyed with Jack's 2nd guessing of coach Casey. It just seems so slimy and self serving to me. Last game he was going on about how the starters should be getting back on the floor, right in the midst of of a minor struggle. The 2nd unit than impresses, and 5 minutes later jack, remarks how he would of left the 2nd unit in too, just based on how they were playing. (Palm to the hand)

    This dude looks at results and coat tails them to make himself look wiser.

    I like Casey. I know that people are not used to his sub patterns, the way he divides the grease, I understand the criticisms. However, I feel there is more to coaching than just a pattern that must be blindly followed like a flow chart. Some of it is instinct. Cito Gaston, was getting hammered by baseball purists and tacticians, yet he was able to get results from guys that other coaches could not.

    Meanwhile, those of us who like Casey, sit quietly during the times our sub par team beats a top team, we don't shower him with praise for motivating young guys, for keeping the locker room humble, for egos not tripping over each other. While some 18 year old Oakville kid sees a sub that he disagrees with, and labels him a bad coach.

    Sorry about the rant, but I am really worried that the fans are going to eventually fire Casey like they did Sam, and hurt my team. Jack is also looking like a slime bucket to me at this point.
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