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Thread: 2 options for Tor-Mil-Uta trade

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    Default 2 options for Tor-Mil-Uta trade

    *ESPN Trade Machine isn't properly savings trades at the moment, but both these deals do work

    OPTION #1:

    To Milwaukee: Bargnani & draft picks (1/2 2nd round picks)
    To Utah: Ilyasova & Udoh & Anderson
    To Toronto: Millsap & Bell

    OPTION #2:

    To Milwaukee: Bargnani & Kleiza & draft picks (1/2 2nd round picks)
    To Utah: Ilyasova & Udoh & Anderson
    To Toronto: Millsap & Udrih & Bell

    - based on rumored Bargnani-for-Ilyasova deal, so I assume there is at least some interest in Bargnani
    - dump Udoh's salary
    - 2nd option takes on Kleiza (may or may not pickup his player option next season) in order to dump Udrih
    - also get 1 or 2 2nd round picks from Toronto

    - rumors seem to be picking up steam, so I assume they're going to trade Millsap at the deadline
    - Ilyasoava would be their best wing and would be a great scorer for them (and Turkish connection with Kanter)
    - Udoh would essentially replace Millsap, becoming their backup PF (allowing Favors to start)
    - Anderson provides some bench scoring at the wing position for the rest of this season
    - dump Bell's contract and end that bad relationship

    - dump Bargnani & Anderson, 2 relationships that need to end (and possibly Kleiza too)
    - acquire a starting PF, who may not stay beyond this season, without costing them DeRozan --> ideally Millsap re-signs with Toronto or is used to land another asset in a S&T deal; at the very least, Bargnani's contract is removed from the books, while maintaining the amnesy for Kleiza (both are wiped off the books without amnesty in 2nd option)
    - Bell will likely be bought out or just let walk after the season
    - 2nd option provides them with another backup PG option, who's expiring, so no financial committment beyond this season
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    Hmmm...tough call...

    -I like about the first one that we get Millsap without losing anything important, so I'm ok with it for the Raptors. I don't know why Milwaukee would be willing to take on Kleiza in the 2nd option...this seems unlikely in any trade. Maybe if they got to lose Gooden instead of Udoh...

    -I don't know if I really understand why Utah would do this. They definitely need help at the wing, but I guess it depends on where they project fitting in Hayward. If he's more a SF to them, then I don't know why they would commit long-term to Ilyasova....This is tough call. IF they're not sold on Hayward (or see him omre as a full time SG) it could make sense.

    -Back to Milwaukee...can't imagine them taking on Kleiza unless they unload Gooden...but I also have no clue how much enthusiasm they have for Bargs. As an Ilyasova fan, I hope if they are we can just swing a deal with them. I'd rather trade for Ilyasova over Millsap....*again, I noted this on the Ilyasova thread, that he could make a far more appealing piece to Utah in the summer to sign and trade for Millsap than Bargnani. It might even mean getting Millsap long-term without losing Demar. Basically, if all the core pieces of this deal are Bargs gong to Milly, and Ilyasova to Utah, with us getting Millsap just for a chance to re-sign him..why not turn Bargs into Ilyasova now, and then if Utah wants the latter, use him while getting a long-term rather than short-term commitment from Millsap..
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