Toronto out: Bargs, Fields, AA, Acy
Toronto in: Gortat, JO, Dudley, Marshall

PHX out: Scola, JO, Dudley, Marshall
PHX in: Bargs, Fields, AA, Acy

Raps Lineups
Amir/JO/3rd stringer PF (10 day contract - T.Murphy, B.Cook, or Mikki Moore)

Suns Lineups
Beasly/M.Morris/PJ Tucker/

Why Raps: We get the big man from Poland in Gortat who is expiring after next season, two seasons of veteran Gortat can help Jonas V with his play big time beside Gortat can contribute when we make to the playoff, spaces the floor for both DeRozan and Gay and the big guy can rebound. Jermaine O'Neal will work wonders when playoff comes around when we face one of the big teams in the Eastern Conference (Bulls, Heat, or Knicks) where we need JO and his defense. Dudley is a great backup for Gay, hustle player, plays defense, doesn't mind doing the dirty work to make the team better. K.Marshall is a prospect pass-first PG we were looking to draft during the 2013 NBA Draft instead we got Ross.

Why Suns: The Suns get a big man who can shoot, a possible 6th man candidate in Bargnani who will either start or play behind Luis Scola. Perhaps with a change of scenery, Fields can contribute, he and W.Johnson will battle for the starting SG position while AA is a good backup SG, can knock down the 3s. Acy will be a good backup PF for years to come, a possible Reggie Evans clone for the Suns.