After a hard fought game against Denver saved agan by Rudy Gay heroics, Solid DeRozan play and the hot shooting of JL3 we got a W. That Denver game exposed the Raptors weakness to the league poor interior D and bad Rebounding the out hustled us in the paint last night, anyon have a # of offensive Boards Denver got and tip ins? dam!

Oh well tonight we have a more favorable match up. The rpas can beat the Knicks who are a pretty small team save Chandler down low. Rebounding for NY dies when Chandler sits with Camby injured they get outrebounded every game, but the biggest weapon they employ is the 3 point shot they lead the league in attempts and makes averaging 8+ made a night.

Knicks play a very small backcourt of revolving door defenders in 2 PG Kidd and Felton, hopefully Raps can abuse them withh DeMar and Lowry going at them all night neither of them should be able to stop DeMar in fact. Rudy Gay will be guarding JR Smith and Melo, not much of a game plan for Melo he is going to get his points no problem to qoute Shaq "We are going to do what we can to slow you down but by the time you get your 30+ we would have already shut everyone else down and won the game"True Carmelo you can only hope to slow down cant let him get rhythm right out of the gate.


-Take advantage of the Knicks Backcourt via DeMar post ups and Kyle Kidd and elton cant deal with that.
-Take care of the boards Knicks are a horrible rebounding team without Chandler
-Knicks take a lot of 3s close out and limit it the best they can
-Amare has been shooting 60% lately since his return he will likely get his shots in but he doesnt do much offensively
-Expect trouble when Melo goes to the 4 you can only hope to slow him down he is going to score and he plays rather good D now he is a player in a ring hunt.
-JR Smith can get hot Anderson and Gay have their jobs lined of for them tonight no doubt
-Bargnani is still sick but should be effective tonight against NY second unit.

As good as the Knicks are they are very beatable for the Raps if they can exploit the holes in that team. I predict a W before Allstar break regardless should be a good watch.