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Oh wow, so you make excuses for them but we can't make one for him. The hypocrisy. He doesn't get the ball at all. When he boxes out he very rarely has a chance to get the rebound because someone is always flying in to take it. Casey is not utilizing his skills AT ALL. You want him to play and buy into what you're doing but you won't even run one play for the guy? The so called 'point guards' of this team can't even assist. It's too laughable. You know in certain situations he can't create his own shot, the point of having a point guard is to distribute then score, not the other way around. That's the difference between Calderon and KL & JLIII, he knows when to pass and to score.
Lmao did you just say his teammates are STEALING his rebounds? hahaha that's probably the funniest thing i've ever heard. Valanciunas, as a rookie, is a 100x better rebounder than bargnani who is in his 7th season