Jennings has, according to one source, "irreconcilable differences" with Milwaukee. He's frustrated, according to sources, that the two sides weren't able to work out a long-term extension this summer. In addition, he feels as though he doesn't get the attention he deserves and wants a bigger market to take his talents to.
He wants out of Milwaukee and has been in touch with DeMar constantly since summer... If we didnt have Lowry I would say jump on this Colangelo, I wonder if he would be cool coming off the T.Dot Bench? lol Bucks have been wanting to extend till just Monday where they are looking for trades involving Jennings so he doesnt just walk come Off season.

Sources tell’s Marc Stein that the Mavs have a “level of interest” in Jennings if the Milwaukee Bucks make the restricted free agent-to-be point guard available before the Feb. 21 trade deadline.
Mavs are reportedly trying to get him before the 21st.