Rudy comes ... Raps go 4-2 (losing to the Heat and Boston is nothing to feel bad about), Rudy gets 2 game winning shots. I actually heard reporters talking Toronto, other players and coaches are taking note.

If we somehow trade a few players, get some cap space, and we are willing to go into the taxes to get players will players actually want to come here without having to get overpaid???

I personally think with the team we have now we are a playoff team (no this year ... too big a hole), top 5 or 6 in the east next year.

Don't forget:
- Rudy will have more time with the team.
- Big Val and Ross will only improve.
- DeRozan is getting more space.
- If Bargnani stays he will be an above average 6th man.
- This is a young team that has a Ton of room to grow.

Will Free agents actually want to come to T.O???