I posted this on realgm and got mixed feedback. Who says no? Who gets too much? Would this be good for the raptors?

Toronto sends: DeRozan, Bargnani
Toronto recieves: Josh Smith, Stevenson

Toronto builds towards the playoffs and get rid of Bargnani who no longer fits in the system. Ross takes over as SG of the future.

Atlanta sends: Josh Smith, Stevenson, 1st rounder
Atlanta recieves: DeRozan, Millsap

Get good value back for Josh Smith, get rid of unwanted stevenson contract

Utah sends: Millsap
Utah recieves: Williams, Ridnour

Makes way for Favors as future at the 4. Recieves young forward and much needed PG

Minnesota sends: Williams, Ridnour
Minnesota recieves: Bargnani

Get rid of log jam at PG, and a forward that does not fit in the system for a for an scorer that can flourish in their system