It's getting harder and harder to find a willing trading partner for Bargnani so this is my thinking.....yes we are taking on huge contracts next year but will be a great position to make some moves late next year with $22M in expiring between Okafor & Ariza.

Toronto in : Okafor (c) , Ariza (sf) , Seraphin (pf), Price (pg)
Toronto out : Bargnani , Kleiza , Gray , Lucas , Acy
Why? The obvious answer is to rid us of Bargnani and Kleiza , we receive a serviceable bug in Okafor who is still bringing in 9pt,9rb as well as a back up point guard in Price and a possible solution to our PF situation in Seraphin at least in the short term. YEs we are taking on huge money but when you consider we are getting 4 players who could play in the team dynamics compared to Bargs , Kleiza , Gray , Acy and Lucas and only cost us 4 million more then I say it may be the best deal , would rather have this and have the trade chips of the expiring contracts next year than bring in Boozer.

Dallas in: Bargnani , Kleiza
Dallas out : Kaman , Jones , James
Why? Dallas has said they would be willing to spend money and they may look at this as a pretty cheap chance at moulding Bargnani into a Nowitzki Lite , they basically give up nothing in the trade so why not?

Washington in : Gray , Lucas , Acy , Kaman , Jones , James
Washington out : Okafor , Ariza , Seraphin , Price
Why? Can you say 22M in salary savings next year as well as a big TPE in the trade. They give up some veteran presence with Ariza and Okafor but going into the summer they could cash in on a FA PF or C depending oh how they want to go . the players that they receive back in this trade are all basically trade fodder to get the salaries down.

With the added players for this year we try and make a run and see how we finish and next year , with no draft picks we will have to fill the holes with veteran min contracts but at this point I think that is all we were going to be able to do anyway.

After the trade we look like this

Lowry / Price
DeRozan / Ross / Anderson
Gay / Ariza / Fields
Amir / Seraphin
JV / Okafor

Is it the ideal option? no but its an option that rids us of Bargs a few serviceable players back so its not all bad but you be the judge......