raps out: bargs, aa, ross, fields, future 1st
raps in: hawes, d.wright, p.millsap, jazz 2nd rounder

sixers out: hawes, d.wright, a.bynum, j-rich
sixers in: bargs, aa, al.jeff, a.burks, raja bell

jazz out: millsap, al jeff, a.burks, raja bell, 2nd rounder
jazz in: ross, fields, future 1st (TOR), a.bynum, j-rich

raps lineups

sixers lineups
al jeff/k.brown

jazz lineups
mo will/j.tinsley/e.watsons/j.murphy

why raps: we get hawes who we can mold him into a better Marc Gasol/Andrew Bogut clone, i think with the right coach, he can. dorrel wright is a great backup for gay. by getting rid of ross (possibly win the slam dunk contest) along with fields, let's hope we can flip these two for a legit pf in millsap who i think is close to zach randolph's level. with the lineups of lowry-derozan-gay-millsap-hawes, we can make some noise in the east beside our bench are solid with lucas, wright, amir, and jonas. we can easily replace ross if we make to the playoff, there tons of sg in this year's draft (may not get shabazz or ben mclemore but there are caldwell pope, tim hardaway jr, michael carter williams, marcus smart) who i think has better ceiling and better stroke than t-ross. let t-ross start this league and possibly find his niche as a jazz.

why sixers: the sixers are in talk with the raps about acquiring bargnani. i say jump the ship while we can before the trade is off. the sixers acquire a seven footer who can light out from beyond the arc, bargs may not be the answer but definitely the solution to some of their problems. next the sixers flip a.bynum and j-rich for al jeff, a.burks, and raja bell who can all contribute given minutes. bargs and al jeff can really make this team better along with holiday, turner, and t.young.

why jazz: the jazz shed both millsap and a.jeff in return for some young prospects and a gamble in a.bynum. when healthy, a.bynum is one of the top league center and possibly will return to his former lakers self as a jazz than a sixers. bynum will be the focal point for this franchise to attract some decent players in the summer. ross could turn into a diamond in the rough for this team, a possible good trade for the team given the fact, ross has better ceiling in my opinion. fields will likely find his groove for the jazz than the raps while j-rich is an expiring who can be flipped in the summer.