Reporter: "Russel, did you guys lose this game, or did the Jazz win this one?"
Russel: "WHAT?!"
Russel: "Bro, what are you talkin' bout man?"
Russel: "Bruh, I'm out man, ya'll niggas trippin'. Pfft." *quiet murmurs in the back*
Pretty simple question if you asked me. Did you guys lose? (as in, not play hard enough defensive and offensively, allowed them to do whatever they want) or did they win? (as in, we tried, but they just had a rhythm all game, worked hard, and had everything going right).

This guy has some poor basketball IQ, and he'll be a reason why OKC doesn't/does win a championship. Talented player, but this dude is far too immature and can't contain his emotions. Quite the selfish character if you asked me.