Its funny but I went back on the Derozan thread to see what kind of future I think he will have during his rookie year:

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Demar did something I never saw him do before against Orlando.

He kept shooting jump shots and getting them in!!

I think he can become a pretty descent 13-14 points and 4-5 rebounds a game type of player someday.

There are way too many fans out there that have way more loafty expecations for Derozan but I just don't see it.
I have to say I wasn't that far off. Although Demar is currently avg 17 pts a game, his FG % is somewhat low.

If I were to guess T -Ross right now and look at this thread 2 seasons from now, this is what I see:

T-Ross avg about 11-13 points a game, higher FG % then Derozan and 3 pointer FG % of about 37-38%. Ross therfore will be mostly a perimeter oriented player and be used alot like Mo Pete was in Toronto. I don't believe he will be as aggressive attacking the basket type of a player that will go to the free throw line due to his handles.