Toronto Out: Bargnani , Acy , Gray, 2nd Round Pick
Toronto In: Gortat , Telfair , Hickson
Reasons: move Bargnani for some useable pieces while not bringing back bad contracts, improve backup C position and try Hickson out at the PF position where his size is better suited and fill in a backup PG position. I think between Amir , Hickson , JV and Gortat we would have out BIGS positions covered for awhile.

Portland Out: Hickson ( UFA after season)
Portland In: Acy , Gray , TO 2nd Round Pick
Reasons: Hickson is a free agent at the end of the year and really doesnt fit into their team as it stands now and will be taking minutes from their young bigs so they will move him now to get something in return. We send them a serviceable bog who can come off the bench and play whatever minutes as well as a hustle guy in Acy and a second rounder, Portland would be crazy not to take it.

Phoenix Out: Gortat , Telfair
Phoenix In: Bargnani
Reasons: Phx is looking to move Telfair to open up minutes for Marshall to play as well Gortat is very unhappy playing in Phoenix this year with all the changes. Bargnani will help spread out the floor for them.

Raptors after the trade

Lowry , Telfair, Lucas
DeRozan , Ross , Anderson
Gay, Fields , Pietrus
Amir , Hickson , Kleiza
JV , Gortat, Hadaddi