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I get the impression this is the reason. With Gay's increasing salary, they probably figure they can stand to pay the tax for a couple of years and then remodel the roster/payroll, but don't want to pay the repeater tax, especially since the playoffs are still a long shot this season.
Well, they won't pay the repeater rate this year or next year regardless, because it doesn't kick in until until 2014. In 2014-15, you pay the repeater rate if you paid tax in each of the last three seasons (2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14). So because we weren't a tax-paying team in 2011-12, we won't pay the repeater rate in 2014-15. In 2015-16 (and beyond), we'd pay the repeater rate if we pay tax in three of the previous four seasons. So that's the year that paying tax this year comes into play: tax this year means repeater rate in 2015-16. So there's lots of time to reconfigure the salary if the current core don't work out... Everybody on the roster except for DeRozan is up for renewal before then (plus team options on the rookies).

So yeah, another year under the tax would be the best scenario, but if there's an opportunity to make the team better, I wouldn't pass it up to stay under the tax.