Seriously thats the headline tonight Rudy wants to beat his old team that is going to make the playoffs no doubt, and Tony allen is going to be looking for DeMar all night to shut him down, after Rudys comment about DeMar being the best SG hes ever played with, so heres hoping DeMar gets a dunk on him this game.

MEMPHIS WITHOUT RUDY GAY IS NO JOKE yes they have been a noticably weaker team, but having Randolph and Grizzly Gasol in the middle is a good duo to hang your hat on especially with the Raptors very weak rebounding and interior D....I guess I should mention Bayless too hes been playing alright and hes always been playing really hard against us but maybe not so much tonight with Calderon no longer being a Raptor. Tonight fans also get to cheer for Ed Davis (if he even gets playing time hes avg 5 mins in Memphis)

Should be a very interesting and competitive game I think we have our western rival team now.

P.S BC allstar break would have been a good time to make that Boozer deal....