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He is the point guard isn't he!? he is supposed to create the offense when it is not there... is Casey supposed to hold his jock strap as well..he is supposed to find people in the best spots...not get caught for traveling down 5 with a minute to go ..
Again, different play. The point remains that on the inbound and coming out of a timeout the best Casey could come up with was one half assed screen in the easiest spot on the floor to defend, and everyone else STANDING STILL. I've shit better plays than that.

How do you get payed major league dollars to come up with bush league plays? Butch Carter has repeatedly called Casey out for his lack of x's and o's and I'm starting to agree with him.

Let's not forget this is the same coach who doesn't know what a 2 for 1 is. Or even worse, knows what they are and refuses to run them. I love him as a motivator, but his tactics (or lack thereof) are REALLY starting to get to me.