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    Still looking to move Andrea "Primo" Bargnani?

    Toronto receives:
    Pau Gasol, PF
    Darius Morris, PG/SG
    Jodie Meeks, SG

    Los Angeles receives:
    Andrea Bargnani, PF/C
    John Lucas, PG
    Linas Kleiza, SF
    Landry Fields, SF/SG

    We get the veteran presence we desperately need in Gasol, while filling in the starting PF spot and preferably moving Amir back to a role player. We get rid of the Bargnani, Kleiza and Fields contracts. This is ultimately better than the option of amnestying Kleiza and having to buyout his contract. In the long run, I like Darius Morris at the backup PG more than John Lucas. Darius managed to start many games on a very deep Lakers roster, which shows how much faith the Lakers coaching staff has in him. He is an above-average defender who can defend anyone from spots 1-3 very effectively. This is something Dwane Casey, a defense-first coach, would love. Finally, we get a very nice player in Jodie Meeks, who adds to our list of players that can shoot the 3 effectively. Shooting the 3 is key for a team like T.O. that has their fair share of terrible defensive possessions.

    As for the Lakers, they get a power forward in Bargnani who can stretch the floor and shoot the 3 pointer. A stretch-4 is the missing piece in a broken D'Antoni offense. John Lucas is a solid backup point guard that can share minutes with Chris Duhon. With Linas Kleiza, I still believe he can find a place in the NBA with the right team. LA does not have a lot of small forwards, and with Metta World Peace's inconsistent play, they need someone who can come in and provide an offensive spark at that position. Fields also can play into this position, or fill in at backup shooting guard position, something that Jodie Meeks filled.
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    For whatever reason, players don't seem to get traded while they're injured.

    Beyond that though, I think LA is taking on too much money. Both Bargs and Fields have 3 years left, and Pau only has one after this one. Also you can do a trade Fields and bargs straight up for Pau.

    What I would try to do, and I think LA might just go for it would be Kleiza and Bargs for Pau. It doesn't work in the trade machine, but probably would if we could through "cash considerations" or a draft pick, I'm thinking a second rounder if we have 1 available.

    Another issue though, is that Pau is out, so you'd be looking at a really really thin PF rotation of Amir and Acy. If the raps make this move I think it signals that they've given up on the playoffs this year, which doesn't seem to be the case.

    I would be very surprised to see an LA raps deal centered around Bargs and Pau.
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