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    Default franchise outlook discussion

    -no capspace in near future to take on large contracts

    - bargnani=unmoveable as of right now derozan=hasn't lived up to contract, doesn't bring a unique skillset to the team, not an elite shooter or defender.

    -not an elite team. decent chance we are stuck on that treadmill.

    -amnesty can't save us.

    -promising prospects ross, valanciunas

    -good character players , locker room atmosphere

    -coach has players respect

    -at least bargnani isn't amare, looks like he is trying his hardest defensively.

    -derozan has chance to live up to contract.

    this is just off the top of my head. What is everyone else's thoughts on how far this franchise can go with this core of players. I want a good level headed discussion, no pity party, or tenforthewin delusional discussion, ok.
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