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If the Raptors make the playoffs, you know the media is going to give all the credit to Gay and to BC for making the deal to get Gay here.

Do you think his teammates might feel a bit slighted? Sure, they looked like a terrible team after a 4-19 start, but things had started to turn around before Gay got here. Pre-Gay they did put together a season best 5 game win streak. However, it does seem that once Gay arrived they stopped being a team that stayed close in most games to a team that can win close games. He certainly deserves credit for boosting the confidence of the team, which pushed them over the top...yet I still wonder if the other players will feel some resentment when the media makes it seem like it was all Gay.
actually if you follow twitter during a game, gay doesnt get a lot of love from the fans. atleast as much as BC/media would hype it to be. probably cus gay takes so long to get hot in a game. everyone lovin JL3/AA though for being underdogs. tdot is an underdog city anyways. and everyone still lovin DD. hell people were still showin love for ed davis when he came back.

i try to tweet them as much i can too, sayin i dont believe in the hype either. y'all should do the same.