Yes I like Gay and he is the best player on the team. Furthermore I think guys rally round his marque cache and derive swagger. Great trade.


Gay+Derozen +Allan anderson + Ross

is not hugely better than the old rotation of

Anderson Derozen Ross lowry fields

In fact the old line up was a better perimeter threat. The reason why Raptors can win games now is they don't close games with Calderon at the point of attack. I really like and admire the spirit and contribution of Calderon but lets fact it his foot speed was detrimental.

Furthermore not having to use an inept Bargs has done them well. When he is rolling they give him some run, when he is flat they pull him and it has not been that way EVER since he was drafted.

If they had the current line up -Calderon and with Bargs on a short lease off the bench since the beginning of the year they would have a similar if not better record than the knicks IMO.