Not that I think that we will not make the playoffs, because I do think we will...

I still believe we went from having a mediocre season where we were not accomplishing anything, to being in the best case scenario:

Even if we miss the playoffs, we all will know its because we ran out of time, not because we were "only good enough" for 9th. That really is the best case for us heading into next year.

Fact is, we will probably be swept if we only get into 8th, so making the playoffs is just an affirmation of the same point...that
1. Players like Amir and DD have made huge leaps this year
2. we are unquestionably a better team with a Lowry-Gay combo leading us
3. We are going to get better next year, with Jonas and T-ross improving, as well as just having a full training camp together.

Whether or not we make the playoffs, the above is true and I am already more excited about the future of this team than I have been in a while....

Anyway, back to the playoff race!