I've been noticing that BC been assembling players from the High School class of 2004. I find it interesting and I guess it helps with chemistry since they've been playing with each others since high school. Going down the list I was surprised to see Lowry as ranked as the 31st player in his class. I think that shows how hard his worked to make himself a starting point guard in the league and would definitely be in the top 10 in this class right now. People might be asking why I have Josh Smith on there. That's cause I have a gut feeling that his the next target to join this team. I see it happening via sign trade with AB, Fields and are pick this year going too Atlanta. I feel like if we make the playoffs with have a pretty good pitch for J Smoove. Selling him on being the missing piece in a title contender team.

4. Josh Smith
5. Rudy Gay
6. Sebastian Telfair
31. Kyle Lowry

Other surprising rankings are Al Horford at 47 and Joakim Noah at 63. Shows what three years of college will do.