Scenario 1: If we make to the playoff
1) We retain our draft (15th - draft either T.Burke if he falls or CJ McCollum) to be our backup PG
2) Resign Bassy Telfair to be our 3rd stringer PG
3) Amnesty Linas Kleiza
4) Find ways to package Bargs + fillers (possibly Ross, Anderson, Fields, or Lowry) for a decent PF
5) Sign a decent backup C (Jason Maxiel, Okafor)
6) Sign a 3rd stringer SG (Barbosa, Dorrel Wright, Roger Mason Jr, Marquis Daniels, Daequan Cook)
7) Sign a 3rd stringer C (or possibly resign Aaron Gray)

Lowry/Burke or McCollum/Telfair
DeRozan/2nd year Ross/3rd stringer SG
Gay/Backup SF/3rd stringer SF
Val/Backup C/3rd stringer C

With a full season of Rudy Gay and a mature DeMar DeRozan, we could become a top 5 teams in the Eastern Conference. Add to that, we need a low post PF, someone of a high caliber who can guard bigs like D.West, C.Bosh, and KG in our conferences.