The Timberwolves still have some growing to do as a team, that much is for sure. But they're a young franchise (maybe as young - in their core - as the Sacramento Kings) and they're showing a ton of promise. Franchise point guard Ricky Rubio is already constantly featured in's Top Ten Assists countdown on a daily basis, usually more than once. Derrick Williams is a nice complementary player to their other Franchise Cornerstone, Kevin Love, a bruising rebounding presence who can light up his threes. Center Nikola Pekovic is an all around glue guy - he's not afraid to get down and dirty and do what his team needs of him on a nightly basis*.

In a couple of years, once they grow together on the court and pick up a decent SG, (best case scenario, they get Wiggins, scary.) they could be perennial contenders for years to come.

PG: Rubio
SG: Drafted Player (maybe trade up to get Ben McLemore - maybe their 1st and one of the myriad of PGs they have)
SF: Derek Williams (a scrappy player, who's show to have some moves cutting to the basket and can also play the 4)
PF: Kevin Love (a versatile PF/C, can shoot the three and bruise, which facilitates his teammate's play, see above)
C: Nikola Pekovic (see above *)