I am sick of so called basketball gurus in this market philosophizing about whether or not it's in the best interest of the team to lose even more games than we have been losing (I'm looking at you right now Chisolm, and for disclosure, my name real name is Ronnie Smith and I welcome any reply). Do you think our guys are gonna hit the floor and lose an extra game or two because some writer thinks that unknown draft picks will lead us to NBA panacea? It's ridiculous to suggest that finishing in 10th instead of 8th somehow gets us closer to being a contender for a title. We've had tons of high draft picks lately, do we really need more? SIDENOTE: Trading up is always possible if necessary for the right piece. Losing begets losing, I say win as many games as possible to breed winners. Look at John Wall, #1 pick, documented loser so far (not personally but as a pro basketball player in terms of the win-loss column), Bargnani same thing. You don't need me to go on with examples. It's called a draft lottery for a reason, it's a crap shoot and it doesn't guarantee anything. How many high picks turn out to be busts? How come the Spurs manage to find quality talent deep in the draft time and time again? We currently have a #1, a 5, two 8's and a 9 on our roster, do we need more lottery picks? No. Are we set to contend for a title if we draft the next Ed Davis? No. Do we need smarter transactions? Absolutely. This so called tanking rationale really irks me. These guys on our squad are trying hard to be better and it's taking time, we can all see the progress. It's not like a video game where you are the defacto GM for the whole league. I like where our squad is going and nothing beats getting a taste of winning.

Attention Amir Johnson: You're the fucking man! I've had your back since you got here. The guys who do quick reaction tend to evaluate you based on your stat line and often overlook the spirit and intangible hustle plays you bring every game, even when the shot is not falling. I knew that was a good value contract, shame on those who even suggested using the amnesty.