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*sigh* We don't literally mean that the 8 players are the only players that play, just the only ones who should weigh down any significant amount of minutes. Go back, and check the minutes of those other players that played. I guarantee you on that 1 team that played 12 guys, don't have more than 9 guys playing 15+ minutes.
Well, using that 15 minute benchmark of yours, the Raps' recent rotations have been 8 with 10 players used, 7 when 9 players used, 7 with 11 players used, 8 with 10 players used, 8 with 10 players used.................etc, with most of these "extra players" putting in 5-6 minutes. What do you know? Just like the rest of the league,,,,,, not unlike "most of the league".