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Thread: Christianity or Atheism in Canada?

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    Default Christianity or Atheism in Canada?

    So, I'm a student in Canadian founded university, which is here in Europe and it's Christian as well. Yesterday I was really "pissed" by our Theology(mandatory course) teacher in university, who is from States. Guy's preaching all the time, denying science and calling it a theory, while making Creationism sound as a science, bible as most relevant historical source and other religions bs. He's a smart and kind guy, I just don't think it is professional and objective and after hearing him it's hard not to go into a debate, however he knows every rebuttal for my evidence (which I believe is easy to make up) and if he doesn't he postpones the answer to another class. If you are critical thinker you will surely become atheist after his course even if you were a Christian before it... Where I am heading with this story is:

    What's the situation in Canada or States, is society changing and developing their worldviews or the majority still believe this outdated theory of Christian Creationism (I sounded subjective, I know and you are free to debate).
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