seems to me 9th is the spot were going for. bargs and a future first rounder is a much better trade chip than bargs alone.

Casey is a good coach. his bench sucks and anytime they don't show up we are going to lose. he only has one bench option and it is to throw out 3 different volume shooters and hope one gets going.

bargs has just been horrible since going to the bench. so bad. so so so bad. but the only other option he has is give up on the season and play acy or offensively inept fields. his only hope is bargs comes in and makes some baskets.

I would have liked to see telfair get more burn but the Playbook of "anyone of the bench players you pass the ball to is going to shoot it right away" must be difficult tl master.

I understand the hurt after all the recent optimism and we are being shat on by worse teams then us.