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Question, without Rudy Gay what do you think their record would be right now? i say 18-20 wins. On pace for a 25 win season. Remember they won 23 games last year. And the expectations this year and my expectation is a 35-38 win team and that's without Rudy Gay.

Fact is, the Raps have more talent this year than last year even without Gay. They've lost so many games because of blown leads in the 4th. 13 to be exact. Most of them in my opinion because of POOR substitutions and because of the way they execute offensively and defensively. Their execution offensively since day 1 is a joke and it's still a joke. No improvement whatsoever. They're very predictable.

The way he's handled the Bargnani situation is a joke. No way this guy should be playing 25+mins a game specially on a must win game.

I can go on and on. Why is Anderson getting this many mins? why is JV not playing much? where the hell did Ross mins went? he was playing so well off the bench for them before the Gay trade.

Easy there young buck...calm yourself. There's nothing out there that'll instantly make this team a contender. Ive noticed that in sports today, not just in basketball but in all sports theres a tendency to fire the coach, fire the owner, fire someone anyone, at the drop of the dime as soon as the team hits some rough losing patches then you come onto blogs and threads like this and all the teenagers talk like this is normal and a good thing to do. Pathetic.

Like someone already, said this team is still learning, its still growing and that includes the coach. Be patient, you sound like you expected us to win it all this season.