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Bunch of good points there. And again I'm not saying he doesn't make mistakes or shouldn't be criticized for some for some of his moves, but just that a lot of the things we criticize that he does on a regular basis are done on purpose. Like for example playing Anderson over Ross. If the goal is to win I'd play Anderson every game. Ross is the more dynamic player and does the things which catches our eye, but Anderson is the the guy who is going to make the right play, the higher percentage of the time. I think we both agree now that playoffs are out of the picture Ross will get more burn.

On the bright side Casey really seems like a student of the game. He strikes me as the type of guy that wants to get better at his craft and while our players get their homework on things to improve on during the off season, I beleive Casey to be the type of coach whom is modest enough to work on improving his coaching abilities as well. Whether that means attending certain camps or conferences for coaches or picking fellow coaches' minds on ways he himself can improve.

I'm not ready to throw him under the bus. Quite far from it actually.
I'm not throwing him under the bus...I'm just losing patience with him. If we expect our players to improve in order to succeed, I think it's only fair to expect the same from the coach. Casey's development seems to have stalled this year. I don't blame the defensive regression on him, as you even see how much better it can be now that JV is more up to speed...our starting unit of JV, Amir, Gay, Demar and Lowry has been very strong defensively.

Again, it's just aspects I mentioned earlier that I was really hoping would have shown improvement by now, mostly related to in-game management. I do think Casey is a solid enough NBA coach, but if he's going to stick around in the long term he's really gotta show much better coaching instincts at least from the start of next season.

*Also, I'm not absolving BC of any blame...Roster is still flawed. Getting Gay before losing Bargs makes it all the more difficult to make changes. This team is full of chuckers and nobody seems to move the ball...one of the guys who was picked up for that, Fields, can't get onto the court because of his broken jumper....it really is broken. I had to go back and watch highlights from his Stanford days. His jumper looked normal and decently smooth. Anyway, just to say I'd be much happier to see BC fired before I see Casey fired...I'm just not confident that'll happen.