For three and half quarters last night the Raptors played their most exciting/inspired ball of the season and as a result were up 20 for most of the game.

They ran hard on both ends of the floor, matched up athletically to an athletic team, took it to the rim, ooped from everywhere, ran the fast break, defended well in transition and were able to hide the slowness of Bargs on defensive rotations. Oh and the ball didn't stick anywhere.

That was the most fun i've had watching a raps game in a long time.

I believe this was mostly a result of Hedo not playing.

Now I'm not saying Hedo isn't an exceptionally talented offensive player. He very well could be the difference maker on a middle seeded play off team. He is just not our difference maker. We already have two many players with Hedo's weaknesses that get exposed when he is on the floor. We become too slow, too methodical, too stagnant.

We didn't miss Hedo for three and a half quarters as Weems and Wright
took up the slack, but we did severely miss his skill set in the 6 minutes of the game when our offense stalled and no one could create a shot.

Is the last six minutes more important than the rest of the game? Who knows, it's a chicken or the egg kind of question.

What I do know is that the deadline is coming up and there are bound to be takers for Hedo. Portland wanted him at the onset of the year, why not give em what they want?

I'm thinking a three way Portland, Toronto, Wash: We give Hedo to Port, Butler to Tdot, an expiring package of Outlaw/Blake to Wash.