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    Quote tucas wrote: View Post
    Name 30 pg's who are better?

    Derrick Rose
    Rajon Rondo
    Chris Paul
    Deron Williams
    Steph Curry
    Jrue Holliday
    Jose Calderon
    Ty Lawson
    Eric Bledsoe
    Steve Nash
    Ricky Rubio
    Goran Dragic
    Kyrie Irving
    Brandon Jennings
    Mike Conley
    Greivis Vazquez
    John Wall
    Mike Conley
    Tony Parker
    Kemba Walker
    Russell Westbrook
    Jeff Teague
    Damian Lillard
    Tyreke Evans
    George Hill

    All these guys are a BETTER PG than Lowry.

    And like i said before, Lowry is an unproven PG. He's a career backup. And so far he's proving me right.
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