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I did say that OKC and Miami are successful using other players in the post. And I also said that is what Casey should do. Both Demar and Gay do well in the post on their one on one matchups (neither are great penetrating from the 3 pt line), but too often the D can just clog the paint because we lack consistent outside shooters. Signing a low-post player to a costly long-term deal seems unrealistic, financially unwise, and potentially harmful to JV's development(not to mention what it might cost since the Raps can only acquire FAs via sign-and-trade). The only low-post oriented players, who cannot stretch out to long range, and who are realistic, or possibly so, are Boozer and Gasol. Committing any more than 1 or 2 years just seems like a bad idea to me. Again, Millsap could work no matter what as he scores pretty well from different areas, but that seems extremely unrealistic as the Raps don't have the best assets to trade (without potentially gutting a team with little flexibility)...I think other than what Bargs returns in a trade, other assets need to be kept in case something else needs to be addressed, such as if Lowry's not the answer at PG, so trying to turn him(in a package) into a better PG.
Only way it harms JV's development is if the low post is a centre. Having the ability to let JV play off of the low post guy, can give better offensive rebounding, and allows him to learn/play with a guy who attracts inside attention. If anything, this should help JV's development.

Money wise, we are almost done in terms of creating a core for the future/contending. Using guys like Bargnani/Ross + picks to acquire these players, and using MLE to bring in those specialists/veterans is important. At some point, you're going to need to use the flexibility, there's a reason why you keep cap room, and that's to improve for the future. Contracts eventually come off the books, and eventually the team will be back on the side of trying to get as much cap space as possible. This is the time we start to use the flexibility (or any of it left), and start thinking about winning. Look at Houston, team that had A LOT of cap space, and took the opportunity to trade for Harden, and signed him to a max deal.