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We need to add 2 big guys. The first one should be a starting caliber big man (solid all around PF) and the second is a role player who's tough, brings energy, basketball IQ (I'm thinking a Nick Collison type). Quincy Acy can develop into that role but I'm not sure about his IQ.

We need a back up point guard to be the leader of the bench unit.

We need Fields to develop some resemblance of a 3 point shot because I do agree with other posters that he is smart enough to take good shots, cuts hard, defends well. The only thing really missing is his ability to hit the 3. I would even gamble and try him out as a point forward role because he has that kind of IQ & overall, his ball skills are pretty good.

We need DeMar, Rudy and Kyle (especially) to hit the weight room. Like Jack said in that 48 minute rant, "skill work, strength and fitness."

Last, but not the least, change in tempo is needed. We have to be a faster team. Teams that grind it out have punishing big men. They kind of have to play slow to take advantage of their strength.

Our offense is suited for a point guard who can make reads. Once that breaks down, we go isolation. For everyone who says the Raptors don't have shooters, Rudy and Demar overlap each other, what about Denver? They lead the league in points in the paint yet they don't have a low post threat. They play to their strengths and what their team is suited for. I think the Raptors should do the same.

Maybe that means a change in coaching staff or simply Casey realizing his pound the rock philosophy makes it harder for the team.
I think Acy has a fairly decent IQ. He takes charges, has a nose for rebounding etc. He's just a liability on offence right now. Easy to guard against P&R as the ball is basically not coming to him on the roll. His offence is all a benefit of his own hard work on the glass.