Package Bargs + DeRozan to Jazz for Favors + Millsap + 2nd round pick (I think the Jazz will do whatever they can to resign Al Jeff and have him play PF) while Kanter is their C of the future.
Next ship Valanciunas + Ross + Kleiza to Orlando for A.Affalo + 1st round pick (Top 10 guaranteed)
Resign Bassy Telfair and Allan Anderson to a one year deal
Draft Nerlens Noel with the Magic pick and Ray McCallum or Seth Curry with the Jazz pick
Sign Tony Allen, a 2 years 10 million contract
Sign Marquis Daniel a one year vet minimum deal so he can be our 3rd string SF
Sign Nazr Mohammad with a one year vet minimum deal

Next Year
Lowry/Telfair/McCallum or Curry

Our front court are set with Millsap and Noel and if Noel does not pan out, we have Favors who plays like Amir Johnson, imagine the two as our backup PF and C, our paint are protected while our shooter is set with Affalo knocking down the shots. I know this is a big change of a lineup for the Raps but if we are gonna win, we have to make sure to do something different than this year. I know we loose a lots of talents in DeRozan + Ross + Val but in exchange we get something better. T.Allen is R.Gay's buddy and he will be a good backup SG for us, he defends and plays tough defense, something both Ross and A.Anderson lack there off besides he has tons of playoff experience. We will do whatever we can to shed both Bargs and Kleiza's contract and find a better home for them.