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Thread: The "future" is about building around Gay

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    Default The "future" is about building around Gay

    As of today, we have about 1% chance of making the playoff consider Rudy Gay is out with back spasms, who knows when he will return to the lineups. DeRozan is not gonna make this team any better and without Gay's presence, he's just a mediocre SG. Allen Anderson will keep on jacking up shots after shots, a 3rd stringer SG on a better teams and almost non existent on a championship calibre team. Lowry is not his former self when he played for the Rockets where practically offense are going through him, we either switch to an offensive minded coach or trade Lowry for a pass first PG. Bargnani is just atrocious to play but let him ride the storm till the end of the season, perhaps we can find a better suitor for him.

    Terrence Ross needs to be packaged along with our expiring for a backup SG, someone in the mold of Redick who can hit open jumpers or beyond the arc. Amir Johnson is not our PF of the future, a decent backup PF/C, a glue guy, picture Oakley. We need a someone versatile of a PF to keep up with the new wave of PF in today's basketball scenario (Someone in the calibre of KG, CB4, Al Jeff, Josh Smith, Boozer, D.West, L.Aldridge), possibly address that through the draft (buy a pick through trade with Bargs??) Valanciunas need another year or two to keep up with the rest of the center in this league, to me, he just has as much ceiling as Enes Kanter, Omer Asik, at the best Pekovic. His not in the mold of Sabonis, Gortat or Igauskaus at their prime. To look forward for next year, we need to build around Rudy Gay. Remember this is Gay's team now, all others are just supporting players and most are expendable.
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