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    imaginelino wrote: View Post
    why should he go to a contender? he will be lucky if he even gets another chance.. he played his way out of the nba..I think.
    Figured he could still add a bit of depth for like a 10-day contract or something dirt cheap, lol.


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      Man people here are aggressive lately. I don't think this thread is so useless.

      I also wonder what is going on with Kleiza. He must be pissed. Does the Rap's rebuilding process have to include ruin the careers of a handful of likely worthwhile players? Kleiza would be getting minutes on several other teams. And it's not like he hasn't ever delivered for the Raps. Maybe he is actually injured, sure, but it looks to the untrained eye like he is just being permanently benched because he doesn't "fit." It's a bit cruel I think.

      I don't know shit about the financial stuff, but can't they just waive him instead of benching him for the season and amnestying him? I don't understand the difference. I'm a dumbo there.

      And how about Hammad Haddadi? Did they take him off Memphis just to screw him over? What's the harm in giving him a shot, especially since we seem really thin at the center spot. Surely he could (might possibly) be a good role player even if that meant getting Kleiza off the roster or sending Acy to the D League for the rest of the year, which I doubt he would mind at this point. He has a great attitude. Or maybe send AA back to his former career. I just feel puzzled by what's going on with all these end-of-the-bench players. It was much more clear with Alabi and others in the same situation for the past few seasons. But this year it all seems a bit mental.


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        tenforthewin, maybe you should change your login name to "bargnanijr" because your posts seem to draw the same type pf responses...

        Keep posting; haters will be haters and you can't change that.


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          Beagle wrote: View Post
          And how about Hammad Haddadi? Did they take him off Memphis just to screw him over?
          What I read from Doug Smith suggests it was a case of Memphis wanting to dump his salary; the Raptors did not want him.

          It sucks for Haddadi but as a 27 year old who rarely played and was once arrested for a domestic dispute with his girlfriend, he can't be too surprised the Raptors had no interest in him. He can always take solace in the fact that 4 years in the NBA were well compensated, with $6 million in career earnings.


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            Haddadi - Memphis wanted to shed salary and Toronto didn't want to take on any additional salary beyond this season (ie: Arthur), so Haddadi was the logical compromise; his contract for next season is non-guaranteed, so he won't be with the Raptors next season. He was initially delayed by Visa issues, but the consensus assumption is that he was going to be waived anyway, since he doesn't factor into the Raptors long-term plans. It also gives him more opportunity to find a new team for the rest of this season, which would also work as an audition for work for next season.

            Kleiza - Injured or not, his ship has sailed in Toronto. Similar to Haddadi, why give playing time to a guy who is not in the team's long-term plans, especially when doing so would take minutes away from core players that need to develop (ie: Fields & Ross). I'm sure BC would trade him if he could, without having to take on any salary beyond this season, otherwise he'll likely be amnestied in the offseason (buyout without it counting towards salary cap). If another NBA club signs him after being amnestied, it's just less money out of MLSE's pocket. I think any teams that have interest in him probably know what the Raptors' plans for him are, so they can just wait till he's amnestied and sign him for a fraction of what they'd pay if they traded for him (without having to giveup an asset).

            Pietrus - Raptors were light on the wings at the start of the season. They didn't have Gay yet, Kleiza was injured, Ross was an inexperienced rookie, Anderson hadn't gone on his hot streak and the team's defense was terrible. He was a stop-gap measure; similar situation to Kleiza, in that he won't get playing time ahead of core players. The Raps will let him walk as a free agent at season's end.

            Ross - He will form a solid wing rotation next season with Gay, DeRozan and Fields. If he develops up to expectations, he could make DeRozan (and his $9.5M salary) expendable in the future. If not, he himself could become trade bait, as a talented young player with upside, playing on a rookie-scale contract (my money's on the first option).


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              "Oh, where? Oh, where are you?"

              Where the hell is Linas Kleiza? Not that I care too much, but, this guy hasn't practiced/played in a long ass time. Is it his knee? Anybody have any idea?
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