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Are the Raptors finally headed in the right direction?

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    Matt52 wrote: View Post
    Given injuries and the nature of the league these days (getting smaller all the time) I think you need 4 wings. I really like the wings on this roster in Gay, DD, Fields, and Ross. I might be naive or foolish but I do think Fields and Gay find their stroke for next season. I think it is a safe assumption that the wings know they could get better from 3. Anderson (or whoever is the 5th wing) is insurance and a minimum contract who should never hit the floor unless of injury, foul trouble, or blow out.
    I think part of my "3 wing reasoning" is to make the rotations as simple as possible for Casey. I don't have any faith in his ability to play his talent (as evidenced by Calderon over Lowry, and Anderson over Ross). Take away Casey's options, and I think the team will benefit.


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      Our future lies upon the hands of Lowry, DeRozan, Ross, Gay, Amir, and Jonas.


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        I'm amazed at how the trade changed the team so dramatically.
        Amir has the opportunity to start and is playing his part to a T. Rebounding, good touch inside, 15 ft jumper, shot blocker and consistently good anticipation on D. He's been able to put in good minutes without foul trouble in 4 of the 5 games since the trade. Behind him Andrea can come in and do what he knows he can do without unrealistic expectations.

        Lowry playing behind Calderon made him appreciate the ability to have a good game without having to be the leading scorer. Now as the starter again I see him playing the best ball of his career distributing and scoring around 15 -20.

        With the addition of RG's scoring DeRozan doesn't have to go off for over 20 a game in order to be effective. Keep working the passing game though and the 20+ will come easier.

        JV is only 20 years old and is only going to get stronger and more confident. I get the sense that he will develop into a steady double double with the scoring moving up to the 16 a game range maybe more.

        Rudy Gay has the respect of his teammates and is a natural leader. We can easily see he can be part of a championship team.

        Hopefully the coaching staff will work hard at developing TRoss cause when he is on he adds such an exciting element to the game and entertainment is a good thing.

        If the five games since the trade are any indication yes this team is going in the right direction and the five teams they've played will agree they are a different team than the Raptors of old. Could this core become good enough to compete in the playoffs?
        JV is a key part of that question and the jury is still out on Bargnani but yes I believe they could based on their play since the trade.