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Anderson dishes on Raptors teammates

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    TheGloveinRapsUniform wrote: View Post
    aaaawww, now i dont want him traded.

    maybe AA will be the only Raps lifer.
    He's played for the Bobcats already.
    There's math, and everything else is debatable.



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      If we are talking Raptor for lifer let that honor go to DeRozan!


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        Garbo wrote: View Post
        Don't toot your own horn man!
        Except in the privacy of your own home. Then it's perfectly natural, and healthy.
        "They're going to have to rename the whole conference after us: Toronto Raptors 2014-2015 Northern Conference Champions" ~ ezzbee Dec. 2014

        "I guess I got a little carried away there" ~ ezzbee Apr. 2015

        "We only have one rule on this team. What is that rule? E.L.E. That's right's, E.L.E, and what does E.L.E. stand for? EVERYBODY LOVE EVERYBODY. Right there up on the wall, because this isn't just a basketball team, this is a lifestyle. ~ Jackie Moon


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          Garbo wrote: View Post
          I agree that it's true.. But let someone else say it. I don't know why, but it bugs me
          Anderson probably realizes he doesn't have a contract for next season. Taking an opportunity to sell himself, I guess....