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Behind the draft 2012 + Open Gym

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  • Behind the draft 2012 + Open Gym

    Hi everyone!

    This is just my first ever post on Raptors Republic, and i would like to say i just love the website!

    Anyway, I was just wondering if theres any chance someone could provide the behind the draft 2012 and open gym episodes videos to us people that dont live in either canada or the US and cant find them online?

    Im pretty sure a lot of fans would be gratefull!

    Thx in advance

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    Hell yeah! live in New Zealand have been looking online for them but can't find them!


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      neither can we lol. we catch it via nba tv canada.

      if there is an online source, someone please share


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        on the topic of drafts, i wanted to bring up an exciting prospect that hopefully is attainable in this upcoming draft.
        assuming we have a 2nd round draft pick or if BC can get one (traded our 2nd rounder in the rudy trade)

        Ray McCallum

        heres his scouting report via


        from what i see, kinda resembles a damian lillard type player
        not that explosive athlete, yet can still finish around the rim, and also can knock down the perimeter shot
        along with his skill set he also had a high IQ due to his father being a coach
        i personally feel he would be the perfect back up point gaurd on the raps.
        furthur to develep this team, i would also like if they build up the frontcourt via upcoming drafts as well
        havent scouted many but with the right picks, toronto can become a deep, athletic, and potent roster

        thoughts? suggestions on BIGs we could draft/attain?


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          Come on, cant anyone tape and post it on utube?