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    I think some people are over reacting in their responses. I agree that JV is going to do FINE as a Center and there is no NEED to go out trying to land a Dwight/Bynum/Marc Gasol/Gortat type center.

    However, the name of the game is talent acquistion, and if the raps were to somehow luck into a very talented big man who was less mobile than JV I think you easily slide JV to the PF spot. He is very mobile, both on offense and defense and I'm fairly certain he's going to develop a fairly reliable mid range jumper. Offensively, he can space the floor with his mid range and cutting to the basket. Defensively, he'll do a descent job of guarding smaller quicker PFs (in national games he's been know to pressure opposing point guards, with his on the ball defense) I agree that he'll have some trouble, but having the big hypothetical Center behind him will help cover problems of him getting beat off the bounce.

    So, yes, if the raps happened to get this mythical beast of a center, I don't see an issue sliding JV over to the PF spot.
    That said, You'd better be getting a top 3 center in the league, otherwise it'll make more sense to keep JV as the center and bring the other guy off the bench as the first rotation guy. There's no reason to go looking for a big center or try to get one through a trade. However if we do end up getting one, and the only scenario i can think of is getting one as BPA in a draft, I think JV has the talent and athleticism to be fine.

    But it's V E R Y unlikey, and not something management should pursue.

    Having two big bigs, Gasol-Bynum, Duncan-Robinson, Randolph-Gasol, can work, but you've got to have two special players for it to work.
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      One of the best, quick, elite centres in the league was matched up with JV last night...Chandler...who was most sought after before he signed with the Knicks. And JV in his rookie season has always matched up really well against him. Chandler is in double digit seasons I believe so imagine what the ceiling is for JV if all holds well....and he hasnt even begun to show his offensive talents yet.


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        I mean sure, Val has some developing range, and I wasn't opposed to us drafting Drummond the past draft. I could see those two as big athletic bigs working well together


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          Why do people like moving natural position players out of position. Mind boggling.


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            Gasol is a terrible example because he works best as a C.

            Recall the Lakers game when we faced him, once Howard got ejected and they moved Gasol to C, we had no answer.