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Bummed about Rudy's inefficient shooting? Hey, at least we aren't the Bucks...

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    tkfu - Great Work. I wanted to do something like that since Rudy Gay arrived but I couldn't really. So even if Rudy's bad games are a lot we can still win. I think he will improve in the FTA and his shooting % should improve once he and the team finds some sort of stavility. (could be next season)
    I'd like to hope his FTAs will go up, but that would be very anomalous, historically. I think we could hope for a bounceback year as far as 3PT% goes--jump shot shooting percentage is the stat with the highest year-over-year variance. When it comes to free throw trips, though, after about age 25 a player is who he is.


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      Rudy Gay would be incredibly efficient if he took better shots from the field. Simple as that. He takes far too many contested jumpers, and threes without any significant lift from his legs. Misses a lot of the easy shots/gimmies far too often as well.

      He needs to get stronger, because he clearly doesn't have the strength, or lack thereof to slash as much as we would like.
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        post this guy up already, we need easier buckets from him.


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          Although this is still a great post, I can't help but feeling the title " least we aren't the bucks" doesn't have quite the shine it did when we were playing well and there was a legimate although rather looooooooong shot of catching and supplanting the bucks, since it is looking more and more obvious that they will be playing in playoffs and we'll be playing with ourselves. The argument that we're better off in the long run (which I agree with) doesn't completely make up for that, unforunately.
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